Small Act, Big Impact

Torrington Redemption Center

Our Mission

"At Bottle Collect our commitment is to make recycling accessible and rewarding. Through our redemption center, we aim to be a driving force in building a more sustainable world by prompting the responsible disposal of bottles and cans."

Bottle Collect - A Full Service Experience


1. Diverse Range

We accept all CT deposit beverage containers. Maximize your earnings with an extensive range of accepted brands during each visit. Anything without a CT 10¢ deposit will be given back to the customer or recycled.

2. Pre-sort Yourself

Prior to entry, please ensure your containers are ready for processing. They should be empty, dry and in their original condition. To expedite the process, please pre-sort cans and plastic bottles into distinct bags as per above guidelines. Beer glass bottles in original box. It will save your valuable time.

3. Sorting Options

At our facility, you have the option to use plastic baskets and trays for sorting your recyclables or bring them pre-sorted in clear plastic bags. For added convenience, we provide plastic bags for bringing sorted bottles and cans for your future visits.

4. Speedy Payout

Can In Cash Out !!  We utilize a high-speed counting machine to tally all your recyclables swiftly. Within minutes, we accurately count your returns and provide instant cash payment on the spot. Our process is fast and efficient.

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